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Schedule a one-on-one consultation with our lead consultant at N$625 per hour.

One-on-One Consultancy Booking Options

Discover the Range of Consultancy Services Available for Booking. Tailor Your Session to Your Specific Needs and Goals.

tender review

Tender Review/Evaluation

Assess your completed tender to ensure it's comprehensive and well-prepared.


Focused Training

Customized training on specific tendering aspects that need more understanding.



  • Expert Guidance by our lead consultant
  • Tailored Strategies for Bid Preparation
  • Specific Focus on Client’s Queries
  • Practical Solutions for Bid Competitiveness
  • Strategic Bidding Audits and Advice
  • Clarity on Bid Requirements and Compliance

One-on-One Consultations: Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Cynthia Veiko – Founder and Lead Tender Consultant

At Oilonga-media cc, we offer specialized one-on-one consultations designed to meet your individual tendering needs. Conducted by Cynthia Veiko, our esteemed founder and head tender consultant with over a decade of industry expertise, each session is a powerhouse of insights and strategic guidance, tailored to provide clarity and direction in your bidding process.

These consultations are highly recommended for clients who require assistance with specific aspects of the bid preparation process. Clients are encouraged to forward their bidding documents and pinpoint particular questions or areas where they seek guidance prior to the appointment. This approach ensures that each consultation is laser-focused, addressing your specific challenges and uncertainties, and equipping you with practical strategies and advice to enhance your bid’s competitiveness.

Whether you seek to gain a clearer understanding of the bid requirements, craft a more strategic approach, or enhance your company’s overall bidding preparedness, our consultations offer invaluable perspectives. We also provide bidding audits, assessing your company’s readiness and advising on the necessary preparations for success within your industry. This includes strategic advice on which bids to pursue, aligning your efforts with opportunities that resonate with your strengths and objectives.

Entrust your tendering journey to the expertise and guidance of Cynthia Veiko, and experience consultations that not only illuminate the path to tender success but also empower your approach with strategic mastery.

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Oilonga Training Department offers comprehensive tender training services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our expert team diligently guides you through the intricacies of tender processes, ensuring you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your industry. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch training that equips you with the tools to succeed in securing lucrative contracts.

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