Group Training Services for Companies

Welcome to Oilonga Training's Group Training Services—a dedicated program designed to elevate the tender success rates of teams in Namibia. Our group training is tailored for companies aiming to strengthen their collaborative efforts and enhance their capabilities in the competitive world of tender submissions.

What We Offer


Customized Content

Our group training is not one-size-fits-all. We tailor the content to meet the unique needs of your company, ensuring relevance and immediate applicability.

Consultancy (2)

Interactive Sessions

Engage your team with interactive learning experiences. Our sessions include practical exercises and case studies to reinforce key concepts.

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Team Dynamics Focus

We understand the importance of team cohesion. Our training emphasizes the collaborative aspects of tender submissions, enhancing teamwork for better results.

Our Pricing

Please be advised that the rates provided below are intended to assist you in budget planning. The final price will depend on the extent of training needed, the number of employees, your location, and other relevant factors. For a more precise cost estimate, please request a quotation.

  • Base Fee: N$5,500 (VAT exclusive)
    • Includes customization of content, design and printing of Certificates of Attendance, content development, and communication with employees about the training.
  • Participant Fees:
    • 5-10 Employees: Additional N$5,000
    • 11-20 Employees: Additional N$8,000
  • Rented Venue Option: If our venue is used, an extra N$450 per person will be applied.

Why Choose Our Group Training?

Tailored Training

Receive personalized guidance that directly addresses your team's needs, ensuring practical skills and knowledge transfer.

Enhanced Cohesion

Focused on improving teamwork and collaboration, our training fosters a unified approach to tender submissions.

Value for Your Organization

Invest in the development of your team, leading to increased success in the competitive tendering landscape.

How to Get Started

Ready to transform your team’s approach to tender submissions? Book your group training session today!

About Us

Oilonga Training Department offers comprehensive tender training services tailored to meet your specific needs. Our expert team diligently guides you through the intricacies of tender processes, ensuring you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in your industry. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch training that equips you with the tools to succeed in securing lucrative contracts.

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