How to Win Tenders in Namibia – Online Course

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Bid preparation course to help you win private sector & public sector tenders


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It’s amazing how Oilonga Media’s tendering courses are structured to address nearly all relevant bidding issues applicable across all sectors of the Namibian economy. On behalf of the Namibian Society of Engineers (NASE), and indeed the entire engineering profession, I would recommend the workshops to any contractor, engineer and technical person who is involved in tendered works and capital project management. You will be in a better and more advantageous position for your next contract after attending an Oilonga Media Tendering workshop!

Charles M. Mukwaso
President: Namibian Society of Engineers

Experienced Facilitator

Expert course writer with 15 years bidding experience. Available for one on one sessions.

Practical Illustrations

Guided visual presentation on how various sections of a bid are prepared. Including standard bidding forms.

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Material developed from the ground-up based on the Namibian bidding/tendering environment.

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Approx. 30 Hours

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Course Description

This densely packed course empowers participants to respond to tenders in a compliant, effective way by teaching the participants everything they need to know in responding to a bid or quotation. It familiarises the participants with the whole tender process and requirements to submit tenders. The content covers both private and public sector tenders.

The tendering process in the Namibian public sector can be a bureaucratic minefield with each public sector body (Ministries, Local Authorities, Parastatals, etc) having its own set of rules and procedures. However, there are some general, governing principles that apply to all competitive tenders.

It offers a comprehensive understanding of responding to tenders according to the Public Procurement Act, 2015 (Act 15 of 2015). Enterprises supplying goods or services to Organs of the State must comply with the provisions of the relevant legislation. This is critical for any company that wants to compete effectively and lucratively for Government Contracts to understand these principles.

Competition can be fierce as public bodies spend a lot of money outsourcing contracts to businesses, and everyone wants a piece of the pie. Many larger organizations have bid writing teams to compete for these contracts. However, tender writing is an art. It is a skill and it can be learned! You don’t need a bid writing team to win a tender. Don’t be intimidated by the bureaucracy and process because, in the end, it all comes down to knowing your business and knowing what your buyer wants.

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Student Reviews about This Course

Thanks alot OILONGA MEDIA, I have gained alot of knowledge form your workshop. This will be a great impact on SHK Accountants and Auditors, will be preparing our clients bids with confidence. This is worth investing in and to make time for . And lastly I need to say this, you guys are so awesome,your service👌🏼, you are friendly and no one won't like to be around you or to receive knowledge from you
Ishitile Theodensia Nuusiku
SHK Accountants & Auditors
The training workshop was absolutely enthralling and offered a fascinating glance of the bidding process. The trainer was very professional and knows how to engage the interest of her audience. I was intimidated at first by the content and thought it would take days to grasp. However, she was able to encompass all that in clear comprehensible English. I learnt a lot about compliance & procurement act, pricing strategies, self evaluation when bidding and building reputation with banks & financial institutions among others.
Mr. Kristian Haufiku
The Oilonga tendering training workshop that I have attended face to face in Swakopmund was the best workshop I have ever attended. It was very teachable, interesting and enjoyable at the same time. it was door opening for the start-ups like me and had everything one need to start tendering. Starting from understanding the term, the don'ts and the endless list of what it takes to win a tender in Namibia.There was just so much to learn such as the necessary documents, their arrangement, how you must balance your pricing and so on.
Malakia Nampweya
Founder and Director of Star Delta Electrical and Transport Cc.
The course was absolutely great. Exactly what one needs to know every little thing you need to know. It was very informative and easily understood. will recommend it to anyone who needs information and help with tenders. Cynthia is a great teacher and she helps you when ever help is asked. Very friendly as well as professional. I would highly recommend this course to all persons working with tenders.
Izaan Sinclair
Dynamic Power Solutions Namibia

Your Course Facilitator

Oilonga-Media training devision equips the society with economically viable skills that will allow you to grow your business, become a sought after employee or become a consultant of note.

Ms. EC Veiko— Head Course Facilitator

Sought after Bid Writer with a 75% success rate in government & private sector tenders, Cynthia Veiko is the founder and lead consultant at Oilonga Tender Portal- the leading source of tender information in the country.

With a combined 15 years’ experience in tender consulting, tender evaluation, business concept development, drafting of business plans and project proposals. Cynthia also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Namibia and is currently pursuing her Honors in Marketing from the University of Science & Technology.

A passionate entrepreneur with a keen interest in education, strategic marketing and digitalization.

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