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Tsandi Village Council

About Us

The town to be a gateway to Omugulugwoombashe National Heritage, while promoting cultural diversity, tourism, investment and service delivery.


Tsandi Village Council commit itself to promote sustainable local economic growth and offers excellent services to meet the demands of all its stakeholders in a responsive, participating and sustainable manner.

To provide urban services to our investors and promote sustainable development as stipulated in the Local Authorities Act 1992 (Act No. 23 of 1992 as amended) plus other applicable legislations and policies.

 Innovation – to bring new ideas and method earmarked for development.
 Participation – to act in fairness and involve all relevant stakeholders in decision making, goal setting and teamwork.
 Development – to be more advanced in terms of infrastructures and technologies.
 Accountability – to be answerable and responsible for our actions and accepting the consequences
 Sustainability – to be able to continue with manageable modern service provision and avoid depletion of natural resources by all means

General Information
Address: P.O.Box 373, Tsandi, Omusati Region

Tel: +26465258030/42
Fax: +26465258057

The Village Council that offers Business, Residential, General Residential, Institutional and others various plots to its investors and beneficiaries.
Public Transit
Tsandi Village Council, Erf 241, Onesi Main Road, Tsandi, Omusati Region

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