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About Us

Oilonga-Media specialize in creating digital advertising platforms and consultancy services for various industries in Namibia.

Our Products/Services

  1. Oilonga Job Portal

Oilonga Job Portal, is a specialist online recruitment site which advertises jobs in Namibia. We offer recruiters the opportunity to post jobs as well as search the Oilonga Job Portal database for posted resumes. Candidates can search for available positions, upload their resumes and apply online for relevant employment opportunities. Our jobs are distributed across a network of leading social sites including Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. Oilonga job portal has invested in technologies and platforms ensuring a superior experience for both recruiters and candidates.


2. Training & HR Consultancy

Need to hire? Oilonga consultancy services are affordable and reliable.

Oilonga-Media provide Job description guided training to new and existing employees.

Contact us for a quote at admin@oilonga.media.


3. Oilonga Tender Portal

Oilonga Tender Portal, is an online procurement site. We offer companies the opportunity to post tenders as well as search the Oilonga Tender Portal database for posted supplier profiles.  Our tenders are distributed across a network of leading social sites including Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.


4. Oilonga Tender Portal brings together specialist consultants to help you prepare and submit tender documents in Namibia.

Our services include:

  • Procurement of Tender Documents(from any location in Namibia
  • Preparation of Tendering Documentation
  • Compulsory Information Sessions and Site Visits( any location in Namibia)
  • Submission of Tender Documents (any location in Namibia)
  • Tender Opening Ceremony (any location in Namibia)


5. CSR Namibia

Oilonga media has launched a concept that would allow organizations around Namibia to bring attention to their corporate responsibility programs through an annual magazine, a website and award ceremony.

The main objective of the magazine is to highlight the different programs that organizations are investing in to the betterment of the communities within and around them. The magazine will further expose the work of NGO’s within our community and explore new areas of social responsibility.

The website would be used as a vehicle to report on CSR projects as they are carried out and provide a publicity platform for our clients.

Our magazine, web portals, events, social networks, and partnerships intends to educate our community on how to build a better culture and more sustainable CSR programs.


Contact us:

24 Mozart Street, Windhoek West

cell: +264 85 675 7024

email: admin@oilonga.media

About Us

Oilonga Tender Portal is an online database of all tenders advertised in the country. We search through newspapers, websites and social media to find and notify you of all opportunities available in your industry.

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