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The Erongo Regional Council was established in terms of the Section 2(1) of the Regional Councils Act, 1992 (Act 22 of 1992). The Erongo Regional Council (ERC) is further guided by a Decentralisation Policy adopted by National Assembly of the Republic of Namibia in 1997 (GRN) 1997a, 1998b).

This policy brought about establishment of government structures at regional, constituency and local levels of government. The primary object is to bring government closer to the people but most importantly to implement or promote processes and mechanisms that enable citizen to take part in the affairs of the sub-national government.

The Decentralisation Policy describes the objectives of Decentralisation as follows:

1.   To extend, enhance and guarantee participatory democracy;

2.  To ensure and safeguard rapid sustainable development;

3.  To transfer power to the regional councils and local authorities based on national ideas and values; and

4.  To improve capacity of regional and local government councils to plan, implement, manage and monitor delivery of services for their constituents.

VISION: A prosperous regional council in socio-economic development.


MISSION : The ERC as a sub-national government commits to deliver prompt quality and accessible services for the upliftment of the community, through good governance for sustainable socio-economic development.



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Erongo Regional Council
Private Bag 5019, Swakopmund
Tel: +264-64-4105700
Fax: +264-64-4105701

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