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Oilonga Tender Portal is an online database of all tenders advertised in Namibia.







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Instant Alerts

Instant tender alerts on all devices. Cellphones, Desktop Computers .

Daily Newsletter

Receive a daily newsletter with a collection of all tenders listed that day via email.

Tender Documents

Download your tender documents directly from the website. T&C's Apply.

Company Profile

Post your company profile for exposure to potential clients or companies looking for sub-contractors or joint ventures.

Tender Clarifications

Receive round the clock tips, advise and clarifications on specific tenders to ensure you submit the best bid.

Unique Opportunities

Be the first in line to receive exclusive tendering opportunities from partner buyers.

More benefits

Be the First to Know

Being the first to know means you have enough time to submit a winning bid. No need for last minute bidding disasters. We notify you as soon as the opportunity becomes available.

Convenience at your fingertips 

A subscription to the portal means that you don’t have browse through various sites and newspapers looking for tenders. We list all tenders advertised in Namibia by the government, government agencies, parastatals, NGO’s and private firms.

Customize your Experience

Don’t have time to go through hundreds of tenders to find what you want? Our smart system allows you to set-up customized tender alerts for specific categories and key words. You can also filter through the tenders using our search function.


What our clients say!

I am always out of the country, having a subscription on the website means I never loose out on any opportunities during my time away.
Theo Louw
When opportunities are few it becomes crucial to stay ahead of the cmpetition. Oilonga Tender Portal gives me an edge on the competition.
Henock Haukongo
Oilonga Tender Portal gives me peace of mind. Especially now during the Covid-19 epidemic, I can stay at home and still get my tenders on time.

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Oilonga Tender Portal is an online database of all tenders advertised in the country. We search through newspapers, websites and social media to find and notify you of all opportunities available in your industry.

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