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  • 7 Days Membership
  • Unlimited tender posting
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  • Tender displayed for 90 days
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  • 60 Days Membership
  • 1 tender posting
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What are the benefits of posting your tenders on Oilonga Tender Portal?

Why pay to post your tenders on Oilonga Tender Portal?

WIDER REAH Your tender is distributed to thousands of Namibian and International Businesses via our website, newsletters and 3rd party distribution chanels such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

TENDER DOCUMENTS You can load and distribute your tender documents for free download or for sale. We make distribution of your tender documents easy and hassle free.

CLARIFICATIONS AND TENDER RESULTS You can receive clarification requests and publish your clarifications and tender results easily.

MANAGE NOTIFICATIONS We can distribute your tender alerts directly to the inboxes of your suppliers list. Potential suppliers are notified in time of all changes, modifications or announcements  related to your IFBs.

LINK TO WEBSITE Your profile page and tenders page can be linked to your homepage, no need to constantly update tenders on your site. Your tenders, results and clarifications, all in one place.

DATA STORAGE Data about the number of tenders posted, expiry dates, etc. can be managed for future reference. Easy to keep track of your invitation for Bids and other related information for annual reports.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

How do I sign-up?

1. Register an account using an active email address by clicking on the "register" tab on the top right of the menu. 2. On the registration page be sure to select the "I am a buyer looking for suppliers" 3. Once you log in select one of the packages above or select a package by clicking on the "subscription packages" button on your menu. 4. Make payment or submit an order and voila you can start posting tenders.

How do I pay for my package?

We have 3 options of payment: 1. You can make the payment online using your VISA or Mastercard by selecting the DPO payment method when you place your order. Please note that you will redirected to the DPO secure payment page where you can enter your credit/debit card details. It's also very important to note that DPO is an international payment gateway so the amounts above are debited in the US dollar equivalent of the rates above. 2. Via EFT or Direct Bank Deposit: When placing the order select this option, you will receive banking details via email with your order number. Follow the directives in the email to make the payment and get your membership activated. 3. Via Mobile wallet payments such as E-Wallet, Easy-Wallet & Blue Voucher: Select this payment method when placing your order, you will receive an email with the number where the funds should be paid to. Follow the directives in the email to activate your membership.

What if I need an Invoice

For companies who require an invoice for payments, please call 0856757024 or email admin1@oilonga.media to request one. Also, note that you can request an invoice for your electronic orders regardless of how the payment was made.

How long does it take for me to have access to the portal after making the payment?

The whole registration process including payment can take less than 10 minutes. You have instant access to the portal as soon as payment is done.

What if I don't have time to manage my own account?

Our data capturers are available to manage your account for you, they can post tenders on your behalf, update company information, post results, post clarifications, ect.

What if there is a levy required from the supplier before they can access the tender document?

You can choose to sell your documents via the portal or manage the distribution in-house as usual. Therefore your invitation can give details of where the suppliers can access your tender documents. If you wish to sell the documents via our portal, please contact our portal administrators at 0856757024 or admin1@oilonga.media for more information.

About Us

Oilonga Tender Portal is an online database of all tenders advertised in the country. We search through newspapers, websites and social media to find and notify you of all opportunities available in your industry.

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