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Expected Outcomes

  • Submit confident, compliant responses to both private and public sector;
  • Be trained in completing the government’s Standard Bidding Documents (SBD) correctly;
  • Avoid disqualification for non-compliance with tender regulations;
  • Understand the newly revised  Public Procurement Act, 2015 (Act 15 of 2015) and all the new tender requirements and trends;
  • Be able to calculate the financial and technical evaluation points their tender response can earn as per the criteria;
  • Understand and be able to complete the Local Content section of a tender;
  • Have practical and strategic information on Joint Ventures, Consortiums, and sub-contracting and how to utilize them;
  • Gain expert insight into competitive pricing in the bid environment by doing actual pricing calculations;
  • Have a clear understanding of all the relevant terminology used in the tender environment.


  1. Computer skills
  2. Proficiency in English
  3. Access to a computer with an internet connection


This densely packed, two-week course empowers participants to respond to tenders in a compliant, effective way through teaching the participants everything they need to know in responding to a bid or quotation. It familiarises the participants with the whole tender process and requirements to submit tenders. The content covers both private and public sector tenders.

It also includes an in-depth analysis of certain aspects of the tender process as well as case studies that participants complete during the Course to sharpen their tender response skills. The case studies are done under the supervision and guidance of the facilitator ensuring that the participants are competent in responding to tenders. The tendering process in the Namibian public sector can be a bureaucratic minefield with each public sector body (Ministries, Local Authorities, Parastatals, etc) having its own set of rules and procedures. However, there are some general, governing principles that apply to all competitive tenders.

It offers a comprehensive understanding in responding to tenders according to the Public Procurement Act, 2015 (Act 15 of 2015). Enterprises supplying goods or services to Organs of State must comply with the provisions of the relevant legislation. This is critical for any company that wants to compete effectively and lucratively for Government Contracts to understand these principles.

Competition can be fierce as public bodies spend a lot of money outsourcing contracts to businesses, and everyone wants a piece of the pie. Many larger organizations have bid writing teams to compete for these contracts. However, tender writing is an art. It is a skill and it can be learned! You don’t need a bid writing team to win a tender. Don’t be intimidated by the bureaucracy and process because in the end, it all comes down to knowing your business and knowing what your buyer wants.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who have never bid for tenders before
  • Bid writers, managers, or business owners who have struggled to win tenders
  • Experienced bid writers who want to check their understanding of the Namibian Public Sector procurement process
  • Individuals who want to earn money by writing bis for other companies
  • Individuals in the marketing and sales field who want to improve their skills or CV
  • People looking to work in public sector procurement