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The Road Fund Administration (RFA) was established through an Act of Parliament; the Road Fund Administration Act, (Act 18 of 1999), (Government Gazette Number 2217 of 1999), to manage the Namibian Road User Charging System (RUCS) and the Road Fund. The RFA’s main objective is to manage the RUCS in such a manner as to secure and allocate sufficient funding for the payment of expenditure as contemplated in Section 17(1) of the RFA Act, with the view to achieve a safe and economically efficient road network in Namibia.



To be the global leader in sustainable road infrastructure funding and management, contributing to national development goals.


To manage Namibia’s  road user charging system to provide optimum funding for an equitable, safe and economically efficient road sector, for the benefit of road users.


Core values:

  • Integrity – As RFA we inspire trust through honesty and ethical behaviour – what we say matches what we do.
  • Accountability – As RFA we acknowledge and assume responsibility for your actions, decisions and policies and learn from all situations to improve our internal and external services.
  • Efficiency – As RFA we allocate and utilise resources in a way that maximises benefit to customers by ensuring we deliver quality outputs on time to meet or exceed expectations.
  • Transparency – As RFA we make decisions that are clear in terms of their context, rationale and communication.
  • Teamwork – As RFA we work co-operatively, supporting and respecting one another and recognising group achievements while resolving conflict in an open and agreed manner.
  • Innovation– As RFA we continuously seek new ways of unlocking value for our   stakeholders through better ways of planning and doing.
  • Service Excellence – As RFA we maintain the highest possible standards in implementation, with a continuous focus on internal and external stakeholder needs and   providing clear feedback on our performance.


The RFA’s key functions are to:

  1. Manage the Road Fund, subject to Sections 16 (establishment of the Road Fund) and 17 (utilization of the Road Fund) of the RFA Act.
  2. Impose Road User Charges (RUC), determine the rates of those charges and collect those charges; subject to Section 19 (determination of Road User Charges) of the RFA Act.
  3. Determine the manner in which the funding collected will be allocated, subject to Section 20 (funding of Roads Authority and Approved Authorities) of the RFA Act.
  4. Implement appropriate measures for the effective monitoring of compliance by the Roads Authority with the Procedures Agreement and Approved Authorities with the conditions under which they were granted funding.


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