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Okahao Town Council

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Okahao is a historical place that is unique in its own right. As a locality, Okahao was a village for the families of Ongandjera Kings. The place was therefore considered occupied with ancestral sanctification. A common water pond that is in existence to this date (called Ombupupu) was historically believed to have supernatural elements (called “iinomona”).


To provide urban services to the customers of Okahao Town as stipulated in the Local Authorities Act (Act No. 23 of 1992 as amended) and other applicable legislations and policies

VISION STATEMENT: To be an economically and socially stable town

MISSION STATEMENT: To promote sustainable local economic growth through efficient and effective service delivery


Openness, Knowledgeable, Accountability, Honesty and Integrity, Achievement-oriented and dedication, Open communication, Teamwork and Participation



Tel: +264 65 252 204

Email:  info@okahaotc.com.na

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