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The Energy White Paper was developed by the Ministry of Mines and Energy and published in May 1998. The energy policies contained in the White Paper were designed to achieve the following goals: Effective Governance, Security of Supply, Social Upliftment, Investment & Growth, Economic Competitiveness & Efficiency and Sustainability.

Incorporated in 2001, the northern Namibia’s regional Electricity Distributor, NORED, has put itself on the world map as a reliable energy supplier.

NORED Electricity will strive to:

Limited power outages: Restore power outages in town within three hours. Restore power outages in rural areas within five hours. Allow no customers to suffer more than five power outages per month

Inform customers: Inform customers about planned power outages 14 days in advance

Speed up new connections: Respond, in writing, to an application for electricity within seven days. Connect a new customer within 21 days from his/her acceptance of the offer

Our customers have the right to:

Respect: Be treated with respect
Have his/her property treated with respect

Prompt service: Be dealt with promptly

Information: Be supplied with relevant information on demand

Confidentiality: Have his/her personal matters be treated in confidence



Tel: 083 282 2100
Switchboard: 083 282 2100
CEO Office: 083 282 2101
Email: customercare@nored.com.na

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