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Nkurenkuru is a regional capital centre of the Kavango West Region.

Nkurenkuru is strategically located alongside the Kavango River linking Kavango West region with Kavango East, Ohangwena and Oshikoto regions and via Katwitwi border post.

Nkurenkuru(1.093 m above sea level) is a town on the south-western banks of the Kavango River. It is the capital of the Kavango West Region of northern Namibia, located 140 kilometres (87 mi) west of Rundu. It is also a former mission station of the Finnish Missionary Society.

Nkurenkuru has a population of around 618 (in 2011) inhabitants and is homestead of the local Uukwangali kings and until 1936, also was capital for the entire region. Then the seat of the regional government was moved to Rundu, due to its strategically more central location. In 2013 it became a regional capital again, of the then-created Region of Kavango West. Nkurenkuru is the smallest town in Namibia, and the only self-governed settlement in the Region of Kavango West. On the opposite, north-eastern banks of the river lies Cuangar in Angola and the two towns are linked via a nearby border post.



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