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The Parliament of the Republic of Namibia is one of the three organs of the State, which are the Executive (Cabinet), the Legislature (Parliament) and the Judiciary (the Courts). Involve yourself in the law making process and make Parliament a truly representative of the Namibian people.The National Council, or the Upper House of the Parliament of Namibia, was established after the first Regional Councils’ Elections that were held in 1992 and the House was inaugurated on 23 February 1993.
The national Council receives and considers bills referred to it in terms of Article 75(1) and Article 75(2) of the Namibian Constitution.

Parliament is a neutral place where legislators meet to talk, discuss and consult frankly with each other on political, social and economic issues and their legal implications on society. It consists of elected and/or nominated representatives responsible for making and changing the laws of the country.

Namibia has passed from an eras in which the law-making processes were communal, and colonial rule where laws and administrative decision making were totally in the hands of the colonising countries.


National Council

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