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About Us

We are Namibia’s largest and most vibrant Tourism company. We provide lodging, camping, safaris and wildlife experience options inside Namibia’s National Parks

Namibia Wildlife Resorts is a State owned enterprise, mandated to run the tourism facilities within the protected areas of Namibia. Its only shareholder is the Government of the Republic of Namibia; hence, it belongs to the Namibian people. The company was created through an Act of Parliament, the Namibia Wildlife Resorts Company Act, and has been in existence since 1998.


Vision: NWR is a recognised leader in tourism and hospitality services in Namibia



Accountability: We are responsible and answerable to stakeholders for decisions and actions.

Passion: We employ people with a zest for life and work; who are fully engaged with work and life.

Respect: We respect our clients, colleagues and all stakeholders.


Namibia Wildlife Resorts
Private Bag 13196, Windhoek
 Tel: +264 61 285 7200

Email: mnesongano@nwr.com.na


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