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The Municipality of Walvis Bay is committed to providing quality and continuous basic services to all residents of Walvis Bay. Walvis Bay was declared a municipal area in 1934 and today holds the status of a Part 1 Local Authority, in terms of the country’s Local Authorities Act.

Walvis Bay. Located on the southwest coast of Africa (central coast of Namibia) along the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by the golden dunes of the Namib Desert. With its strategic location as gateway for imports and exports, Walvis Bay is also a growth hub with great potential for expansion and investments.

The municipality provides serviced and unserviced land for development and housing purposes. Land is sold via public auction, tender and direct sale agreements, as land is acquired and becomes available. Walvis Bay is surrounded by a newly proclaimed Namib Coastal (conservation) park, which makes the provision of land a challenge. The municipality has through barter and special arrangements with the various government ministries obtained land to met the demand for housing, business and industrial development projects. With the saltworks and conservation areas to the south and the east of the city, Walvis Bay can only extend its development efforts northwards.



Public Relations & Customer Service Division
Private Bag 5017, Walvis Bay, Namibia
Tel (+264 64) 201 3111
Fax (+264 64) 205 590
Email: pr@walvisbaycc.org.na

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