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The Directorate of Maintenance is dedicated to provide efficient and effective services delivery to all its clients.


To manage and maintain Government facilities and related infrastructures to the best possible standard according to the available financial and human resources.

Directorate Maintenance


The Directorate’s main objectives is to renovate and maintain all the government properties. implement the decentralization plan of action and regular consult with stakeholders and strengthen institutional capacity and develop a competence training policy.


The Directorate of Maintenance provide office accommodation for government Ministries and Department, thus renting and purchasing; allocation of official accommodation to civil servants and renovate & maintain all government properties and related infrastructure.


Telephone number: +264 61 2088111

Fax number: +264 61 224381

Procurement Contacts:

Mr. Randolph Beukes

Telephone number: +264 61 2088007

Email: Randolph.Beukes@mwt.gov.na

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