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Ministry of Urban and Rural Development

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The Ministry’s vision is to be a leading institution in the establishment and capacitation of decentralized sub-national governments.


The Ministry of Urban and Rural Development is committed to the delivery of services to the satisfaction of all communities through rural development, establishment of an effective, decentralised Regional and Local Government system, housing and physical planning.  Professionalism, Accountability, Integrity, Fairness and Commitment are our core values.

Our Mandate

  • To coordinate and manage decentralization in Namibia; This entails transferring power from central government to regional and local government in a unitary state, providing advisory services, technical support and capacity building;
  • To develop policy guidelines and procedures, evaluating institutional readiness of Line Ministries and Sub-National government and legislation harmonization as well as introduce good governance principles;
  • To facilitate the recognition of traditional communities and ensure compliance with provisions of Laws/Legislations;
  • To ensure adequate Legislation, policies and Standards for Sub-National structures;
  • To coordinate and facilitate Rural Development Activities, policies and legislation to ensure sustainable rural livelihoods, reduced poverty, improved living conditions and shelter, mitigate rural-urban migration;
  • To ensure appropriate town planning and establishment, infrastructural development and land use management; and
  • To ensure effective discharge of all prescribed functions through support services

Ministry of Urban and Rural Developemt

Government Office Park (Luther Street)
Private Bag 13289
Tel: (+264+61) 2975111
Fax: (+264+61) 226049



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