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//Kharas Regional Council

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//Kharas Regional Council

The //Kharas Region has, according to the Fourth Delimitation Commission (2013), a surface area of 161 325 km2 and it is the largest region in Namibia.The region has been divided into seven constituencies, namely the ?Nami-#Nus, Berseba, Oranjemund, Karasburg east, Karasburg west, Keetmanshoop Urban and Keetmanshoop Rural. The town of Keetmanshoop is the main urban centre (headquarter) of the regionPrivate Bag 2184.

The Keetmanshoop airport facilities which can accommodate long distance aircraft has also a training venue for Namibia’s only flying School. Furthermore, Keetmanshoop is an important national railway junction with a TransNamib Train Station. The //Kharas Region is the only region in Namibia with seven international Border Posts and has a good working relationship with the North Cape Province in South Africa.

Vision and Mission Statement

  • To be the preferred region for investors and citizens and live and work in.
  • To promote, facilitate and coordinate sustainable socio-economic development.




Tel: 063-221900

Fax: 063 223538

Email: infocentre@karasrc.gov.na

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