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The Community Conservation Fund of Namibia has been established as a sustainable funding mechanism for CBNRM-targeted* conservation efforts as we advance from the current phase of donor-supported development to a permanent state of self-finance and sustainability.


To promote the sustainable development of communal conservancies, community forests and related natural resource management entities with a similar legal mandate that contribute to:

  1. conservation, protection and improvement of the natural environment and biodiversity, including the sustainable use of natural resources; and
  2. relief of poverty and the improvement of livelihoods for the benefit of the members of communal conservancies and community forests.

Sustainable development is defined as “development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.


To be an efficient and effective financing partner for sustainable community anchored natural resource management and development in Namibia.


To guide organisational behavior in the execution of the Strategic Plans and day to day organisation functions in pursuit of our vision, we as an organisation have recognised the importance and are committed to uphold the following core values:

Transparency – We shall pursue our objectives in a clear and open manner that is stakeholder inclusive.

Adaptability – We shall be flexible, tolerant, innovative and considerate of the people, times and other prevailing trends and norms without compromising our beliefs and objectives.

Commitment – We shall maintain dedication and enthusiasm towards our mission

Integrity – We shall carry out our work with a high level of honesty and be socially and corporately upright.

Impactful – We shall endeavor to ensure the results of our work have a positive and lasting bearing on the communities involved.



Tel: +264 833217661

Cell: +264 81 1458743

P.O. Box 28135

Auas Valley



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